Menu: Chef's Special Dishes


These traditional dishes originated in Hydrabad. They are cooked with tamarind sauce for flavour, special kashmiri spices and herbs in thick sauce


These traditional dishes were a favourite of the moghul emperors of the past in India. Cooked with spices, herbs, almond, coconut, pistachio and yoghurt in a thick sauce. Mouthwatering mild royal dishes


Medium or fairly hot, these traditional dishes originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Cooked with unripe mango sauce for flavour and then served with special Bangladeshi herbs for an exquisite taste


Medium or fairly hot, cooked with fresh mango, onion, garlic, ginger, cumin, ground garam masala, delicate herbs and coriander. Served in karahi sizzling hot

Bengal Haldi

Medium to mild, marinated in special yoghurt sauce then cooked with Bangladeshi spices, mixed herbs in a thick sauce

Green Masala

Medium or fairly hot, freshly ground green herbs and spices in an aromatic sauce

Morrisa Tandoori

Medium or fairly hot boneless tandoori chicken, lamb or king prawn cooked with garlic, ginger, silver skin onion, plum tomatoes in exotic thick sauce


Medium or fairly hot cooked with fresh beans, onions, garlic, ginger, spices and herbs served sizzling in Karahi


Cooked with tamarind, garlic, honey, chilli and turmeric in thick sauce


Medium or fairly hot, an exclusive dishes cooked with fresh mange tout, mushroom, onion, plum tomatoes, pepper, olive oil, chef's special spices and herbs in thick sauce


Thin fillets of lamb or chicken marinated in cream, cooked with ground almond, pistachio, cashew nut and yoghurt. Very mild flavoured dish

Butter Chicken

Mild, cooked in butter with mild gravy



Chicken Razala

Medium to mild. Chicken pieces cooked with minced lamb, fresh garlic, ginger in thick sauce



Bengal Fish Sizzler

Dry and medium hot. Freshly made mixed spices and herbs with marinated off the bone fish grilled and served in sizzler with onion anf peppers



Bombay Fish Curry

Tender pieces of off the bone fish cooked with onion, garlic, tamarind, coriander and chef's own recipe. A mouth watering highly recommended fish dish



Home Cooked Lamb Chop

Medium or fairly hot. Cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, peppers and chef's own spices




Tender pieces with fresh spices, mango puree, almond, coconut and cream creating a delicious sauce with mango flavour. Mild, highly recommended


Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh ginger and fresh spices creating a medium hot dish


A classic hot dish originated from Syhlet in Bangladesh cooked with fresh Bangladeshi naga chillies in chef's special bhuna sauce

Garlic Chilli

Cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, chilli pickle and chef's special recipe

Salmon Fish Bhuna

Tender pieces off the bone salmon fish cooked with chef's own special spices and herbs, tamarind and date sauce



Salmon Fish Tikka Massala

Salmon fish cooked with mild tikka sauce and chef's own spices




Medium or fairly hot. These traditional dishes originated in Sylhet, Bangladesh, cooked with citrus fruit for flavour and chef's own spices and herbs in thick sauce

Tawa Lamb

Medium to fairly hot. Slow cooked lamb with fresh garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes in very thick dry sauce




Medium tol mild. Light spicy chicken tikka or lamb pieces cooked with mint, peppers, onion, butter and date sauce

Honey Chicken

Chicken tikka pieces cooked with special tikka sauce and honey in thick sauce




Medium to mild. These traditional dishes originated in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Cooked with date sauce for flavour and chef's own spices and pepper

Spicy Prawn

Medium of fairly hot. Prawn or king prawn cooked with fresh mushroom, pepper, coriander and chef's own spices, served on special peas and egg rice